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Epic Fail

In Epic Fail (by mif2000) you’re a rabbit (and no that’s not a pun) and somehow your rabbit girlfriend has gotten herself lost in the centre of maze, and guesses what – it’s your job to rescue her. It’s also … Read More


Cluster Lander

In Cluster Lander (created my Candystand) you use a tiny space probe (don’t be filthy!) to help navigate space clusters, which are like little asteroids. Your objective is to help guide this probe around the clusters in order to gain … Read More


Straw Hat Samurai

Set in feudal Japan, you play the role of a mysterious samurai who’s helping to eliminate the evil Aka-Ryu clan from invading your homeland. Your job in Straw Hat Samurai (created by LUT!) is to destroy the enemy watch towers, … Read More


Max Arrow

If you haven’t already noticed Max Arrow is our current featured game. Created by MBX games who are our parent company. Max Arrow is a 3D Archery game inspired by the Wii Sports Resort (Archery) mini game. In the game … Read More


Pudding Strike

Pudding Strike by Game Duchy is a lot like Angry Birds. O.k. it practically *is* Angry Birds, except instead of firing pissed off birds from a sling shot you fire pissed off little puddings, who are trying to save their … Read More


Presidential street fight: the game

Elections bore me to tears. They’re so dull, and so predictable. I mean it’s just a bunch of old, over paid men making promises that they can’t keep – EVERYTIME. Nothing new really happens, and yet they expect us to … Read More


School Bus Frenzy

In-order to protect humanity from the demon within, there are jobs that I should never be allowed to do – nurse and bus driver are two of them. Especially bus driver: nurse is at least mildly sexy and out of … Read More


Alt Shift

Girl meets guy, girl decides to open random present, guy gets kidnapped in a sack by evil scientist, girl has to abandon present and go save guy (fucking annoying that – it was probably an Xbox as well…). Girl finds … Read More



Gardening is something that’s always confused me: to me it seems like a chore in disguise. Like some poor sod has deluded themselves into thinking that it’s good for them, heck even fun to weed the fucking garden. Because let’s … Read More


Guardian Rock

In Guardian Rock you play well… a rock. Now, now bare with me: it’s more fun than it sounds: your objective is not to remain stationary and hope that you gather fucking moss. No, your objective is to squish pesky … Read More

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