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Epic Fail

In Epic Fail (by mif2000) you’re a rabbit (and no that’s not a pun) and somehow your rabbit girlfriend has gotten herself lost in the centre of maze, and guesses what – it’s your job to rescue her. It’s also your job not to get blown to shit by the hidden landmines or abducted by the aliens that bizarrely seem to guard certain areas. I know what you’re thinking… How the fuck did your female rabbit partner manage to navigate the maze without getting blown to shit/abducted. I have no idea either, but she’s there now and she’s stuck – EPIC fail indeed.

Anyway the game follows an extremely easy control system. Basically you move the rabbit around the maze by using the directional keys, whilst avoiding the tiny little bumps/alien along the way. The bad news? There’s no fucking map to show you where you’re going, or if you’re even heading in the right direction. So essentially, a game that should take 10 minutes can actually end up taking 20. Oh and the Yo-Yo Ma music although strangely appropriate, gets a little annoying after a while. So I suggest you mute it after like 3 minutes.

Still if you ignore those minor (yet incredibly annoying) features then the game itself can be fun, especially if you can’t resist the opportunity to help innocent little woodland creatures. However (if you’re like me) and you couldn’t care less, then I won’t tell anyone if you give up within 5 minutes.


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