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Straw Hat Samurai

Set in feudal Japan, you play the role of a mysterious samurai who’s helping to eliminate the evil Aka-Ryu clan from invading your homeland. Your job in Straw Hat Samurai (created by LUT!) is to destroy the enemy watch towers, defeat the evil Aka-Ryu Warlord and lead your clan to victory, which I personally I think is a lot to ask one person who do. I mean seriously what the fuck are the other clan members doing?!

Anyway if you ignore the fact that your fucking clan have basically sent you off to fight an entire army on your own, then the game itself is pretty fun.

The controls are simple but they do take a little bit to get used to. The directional keys make you look left and right. You move by clicking to a spot with your mouse, and to attack your enemies you drag and draw a line with your mouse to “slash” them. This arguably is the best part of the game, as after you’ve killed all your enemies, you’re rewarded with a very Quentin Tarantino crimson sky silhouette.

However with the good comes the bad, and in this game) bows are BAD (o.k. they’re not *bad* but they certainly are a pain in the ass.) So I highly recommend doing the tutorial, before you start shooting at any watch towers/enemies. Then comes the walking… Don’t worry you can walk, but at the pace of a fucking snail – you have been warned.

Actually…FUCK IT don’t bother walking, just slash to move faster. It worked for me.

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