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Max Arrow

If you haven’t already noticed Max Arrow is our current featured game. Created by MBX games who are our parent company. Max Arrow is a 3D Archery game inspired by the Wii Sports Resort (Archery) mini game. In the game you play the role of a young man called Max who really likes archery…

Yeah that’s about it for the story line. Were you expecting something slightly more riveting? Yeah well, tough shit. Not everything can have a Broke Back Mountain storyline ya know.

Anyway the aim of the game is to be the best god damn archer ever, so you can top of the leader board and feel superior to all the other mongroids. The way you do this is by holding down the left mouse button to pull back and aim. Then when you think you’ve got a good shot, release the left mouse button to fire. You have 3 chances to score the highest points and get a place on the leader board! If you miss all 3 times then you’re out, and you have to go stand in a corner so we can all laugh at you.

Sound simple enough right? Well it is kinda of… Except what the instructions don’t tell you is that after the first round, it starts getting windy. This wouldn’t be a problem if it was a tiny bit of wind, but it’s not. It’s a fucking pain the ass gust that messes up your aim, and makes you shoot into the woods. So make sure you keep an eye out on the wind gauge-sock-thing (I forget what it’s called) to see how bad the wind is, what direction it’s blowing in and adjust your aim accordingly.

On a side note though, wouldn’t firing arrows when it’s really windy be like a health and safety issue? I mean what happens it if gets carried away by the wind, into the woods, and kills a bear or something..?

Actually that’d be pretty cool, fuck getting a bulls-eye. I killed a mother fucking bear bitches (this is what I tell myself whenever I miss)! Also for those of you who wanted to shoot anything but the target, you can’t hit the “no booze” sign, Trust me I tried.

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