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Alt Shift

Girl meets guy, girl decides to open random present, guy gets kidnapped in a sack by evil scientist, girl has to abandon present and go save guy (fucking annoying that – it was probably an Xbox as well…). Girl finds evil scientist, evil scientist pulls lever that drops girl into another maze. Girl suddenly has an instant sex change and becomes a guy.

This is pretty much what happened when I played Alt Shift. Not sure if the guys down at Armor Games added the sex change bit for kicks, or whether I somehow did that myself. Either way I thought it was a nice touch.

Alt Shift is the newest instalment in the Shift series, and like it’s predecessors it shares many of the same qualities: it’s a negative-space themed platform game with minimalist graphics and funky music. However this newest addition has had a nice little polish, making the game play and mechanics smoother than previous titles.

The story itself doesn’t make much sense though. I mean why would an evil scientist capture the boyfriend? Then make the girlfriend fuck around in puzzle maze (when she could be playing her Xbox dammit!). I mean what would he want with a guy..? Unless he as gay? But then what would he want to do wit…- oh! Oh well, erm… Let’s just say, I’m guessing he didn’t kidnap the guy for a game of chess.

Anyway, the controls are quite simple. Use the arrow keys to move (left, right up, down), the R button to reset the level and the space to drag objects backwards. The game isn’t difficult just a little tricky at certain points, however if you feel that their too hard (or your just can’t be arsed) then you have 3 “Skip level” options you can use. You can also redeem these points again by going back and completing the skipped levels at a later date.

So for those of you who are interested the full version has 80 levels for you to complete and mini games as well, the free version has 40 levels, which as far as I’m concerned is more than enough for you to appreciate this quirky little game.


Play Alt Shift Here


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